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Automatic power factor control panel
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    We offer our clients with high quality APFC panels at highly competitive prices. These are being designed and manufactured as per the client’s application for various industrial standards with contactor logic & thyristor controlled also, with & without reactors (harmonic filters). We manufacture a wide range of APFC Panels having capability of saving maximum power and energy. Our Highly efficient APFC Panels save energy by accurately monitoring the reactive power in power systems.

  • Maintains high Power Factor constantly
  • High efficiency
  • In-built independent MCCBs/fuses
  • Protection from excess power in the system - Prevents leading Power Factor in low load conditions
  • In most of the Industries there is inductive load due to which current lags behind the voltage and hence power factor is reduced, to stabilize the power factor we use capacitor banks as per load.
  • Equipped with capacitors with series reactors for minimizing harmonic current which may alter system voltage & current.

  • Incomer MCCB or SFU as per load
  • Step switching as per Capacitor banks
  • Microprocessor controlled APFC relay
  • APP or MPP type capacitor
  • Contractor or Thyristor Control logic
  • Inbuilt on\off with time delay
  • High Limit Safety Contactor.
  • Lockable handle interlock
  • High level insulation.
  • High and low voltage safety device
  • Over load and short circuit safety
  • Earth fault safety relay